Sunday, May 4, 2008

Awakening Conference Highlights.

Jordan and Pastor Marco...They head up the youth ministry...

Ben from TBR with Mandy and I The Group... ie. my sisters, my brother in law and Sebastian...
Fun stuff...

Monday, April 28, 2008

So I've been working on my Scrapbook...

and i keep finding all these things... This clipart was literally title "embrace diversity"

Athiest in the Army

Check this out... I skimmed it and it really reminded me of SCWAAMP... you be the judge.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Privelage, Power and Difference -- Alan Johnson Part II

  • privelage
  • change
  • being on the hook
  • acknowlegement
  • learning
  • opression
  • listening
  • activism
  • solution
  • discrimination
  • conflict
  • myth
  • denial
  • inablity to change
  • stubborness
  • obligation
  • responsibility
  • constructive


  • Johnson argues that there is always room for change and that all parties must take part in the effect of change, that the difference in privelage is not immediate and responsibility does not mean playing the blame game.


  • "taking responisiblity doesn't have to involve guilt and blame, letting someone off the hook, or being on the hook yourself. It simply means acknowleging an obligation to make a contribution to finding a way out of the trouble we're all in adn to finding constructive ways to act on that obligation"
  • "we have to begin by thinking about the trouble adn the challenge in new adn more productive ways as outlined in teh preceding chapters..."
  • "the problem of privelage and oppression is deep and wide, and to with with it we have to be able to see it clearly so that was can talk about it in useful ways."
  • "this is why most cultures of privelege mask the reality of oppression by denying its existence, trivializing it, calling it something else, blaming it on those who are victimized by it, or diverting attention from it."


  • I liked the article or chapter whichever it was. But it just felt like a continuence of Johnson Part I. It is useful information in preparing yourself for society, but at times can be depressing reading how deep in we are.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Thursday-- 4/17

I actually had a good time working on the project today.

My whole group was there and I think we were really productive.

The quotes for all theories have been entered and the things I didnt have to input my other group memebers are typing and emailing them to me.

So I feel good about the project.

Monday, April 14, 2008

School Girls -- Peggy Orenstein

  • school curriculum

  • girls v. boys

  • racism

  • sexism

  • statistics

  • parents

  • teachers

  • class distinction

  • equality

  • equity (fair)
  • sexual harrassment
  • Orenstein argues that it is vital for teachers to create a learning enviroment that teaches life lessons to boys and girls equally and be cautious of the hiddne curriculum that teaches girls false things about themselves and how they should be in society.
  • " Feminist teaching is not about allowing a win/ lose situation to develop between boys and girls."
  • "The hidden curriculum is all the things teachers don't say, but that you learn in class anyway. Sometimes, the hidden curriculum is what you learn the most."
  • "Curriculum should be both a window and a mirror for students , that they should be able to look into other's worlds, but also see the experiences of their own race, gender, and class reflected in what they learn."

  • i think its important not to see things like Alice...through the looking glass. But to see reality plainly.